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The Japanese have been bombing us like clockwork, always at 11, and always from the south. Today, we were gonna head out to meet them, but we've just spotted two landing groups heading in from the west and the east. Yesterday's bombing has left us desperately under-resourced, so you and your wing will need to help on both fronts.

Your wing, Baker Wing, must deal with the landings heading for the western shore. Able Wing will deal with the eastern landing. Deal with them quickly, because there's a bombing raid coming at 1100.

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Primary ObjectivesEdit

  • Prevent north-west landings
  • Prevent south-west landings
  • Save four airfield buildings
  • Intercept Betty bombers
  • Fly low to locate Mini-Sub
  • Sink Mini-Sub

Secondary ObjectivesEdit

  • Protect Kuka Point anti-ship guns
  • Assist attack on eastern landing craft


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