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The Japanese have overrun one of our observation posts and captured an entire platoon of troops. One of the officers there was working directly for Pacific Theater Command. If the enemy discovers his identity they will show no restraint in finding out what he knows.

We need him, and the rest of the prisoners out there, but the POW camp is on an island fortress. You are to neutralize the prison's defenses and breach the cellblock walls. A commando strike force will land on the beach. With your support they will escort the POWs from the island.

As Lieutenant Commander Callahan is still recovering from the wounds he received from your last mission, you are temporarily assigned command of Easy Squadron's 4 Corsairs.

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Primary ObjectivesEdit

  • Destroy radio tower
  • Protect landing craft
  • Destroy Japanese PT boats
  • Protect commandos
  • Destroy tanks
  • Destroy gun position
  • Destroy POW camp gates
  • Destroy POW camp guard towers
  • Destroy POW prison block
  • Destroy Betty bombers
  • Clear Japanese troops from village
  • Destroy mines
  • Destroy Japanese PT boats
  • Damage destroyer propellers

Secondary ObjectivesEdit

  • Personally destroy Japanese interceptors



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