Philipines Poster

Philipines is the last sea figth and the only one that has only 1 land mission(island) Philipines last mission can be challenging because rarely a bunch of Franks will start shooting at the player, in a matter of time your plane will be in flames or destroyed. Philipines. is the last ship battle. In here you unlock P-80A Shooting Star if you complete the campaign in Ace on order. This are the following missions in the campaign:

Steal Prototype Jet:

In here its the 2nd time you use a Japenese plane and first time you steal a ME262, in here you face Karl Heinze Kuger (he says it like that but is Kruger) he has an custom ME262 and holder of the Iron Cross.

The Mushashi:

You need to use a Dauntless or any fighter. When starting you head to the Super Battle Ship Mushashi, beat all the fighters heading towards you to procced the next objective, you need to defend Dive Bombers and Torpedo Bombers, and attack certain points of the Mushashi to take it down.

Battle of Samar Sea:

You start whit a PBY-5 Catalina, you must head to the location only to uncover a hell of a Japenese fleet, this is a short mission, just launch torpedos to a certain distance of a ship, the Heavy Cruisers that have name need at least 9 torpedos witch it causes critical damage to the Japenese Fleet and end the mission.

End of the Kido Butai:

You must use fighters and head to the objective but go slow then go back to cover the fleet, after defending the fleet correctly you will face an ace of Nishizawa Clan. After Beating him head to the Japenese task force, BE AWARE rarely a bunch of Franks will start shooting and kill or leave low life to the player even on Rookie. After destroying the Cruisers the mission is succed. Also if you made the missions in Ace you unlock P-80A Shooting Star.

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