Gilbert Is. Poster

Gilbert Island is the 3rd Ace fight and P-51D Mustang Ace campaign. In here there are 2 missions and a suspect: Tom being a jap-lover

These are the following missions:


You start whit a Ligthing whit your objective to photograph 10 places of Gilbert Islands, when done head to the head point only to say that Gilber Is. HQ adverts the Ace to kill Crowe, the Ace is in a Randy 2nd version and other 4 normal tonys. Beat him go to the Enterprise, land, mission complete.

A million men:

In here go to the headpoint, watch the cutscene showing Tom being in flames, he said: "I think a blow a gasket somewhere, turning back" After that head to the head point destroy the 26 ambush planes. Use warspeed, destroy pier guns, some mini bunkers, destroy the 9 tonys head to the Island airfield, See the hangers? See the iming put red? shoot it for no problems whit tonys on the 2nd wave of landing boats, destroy some barriers, after that destroy the Jills 1 by 1, after that mission complete.

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