Hellcat last version

F6F Hellcat Description: The Hellcat ended the war whit an unbeatable 19;1 kill ratio. Its incredible asset was its incredible strong mainframe and good all around performance. F mean full while M means Med FM or anything whit more than 2 F means Full/Med Star.

F6F-3 Version Stats:

Speed: FF

Agility: FF

Armour: FFFM

Guns: FM

F6F-5 Stats (upgraded only)

Speed: FFM

Armour: FFFF

Guns: FFM

Last Version Stats (upgraded stats only)

Speed: FFF

Agility: FFM

Armour FFFFM

The Hellcat is one of the best planes of U.S. Navy as well in the game. The plane is higly recommendable for missions of Pearl Harbor to Iwo Jima in Ace. The Hellcat is the 2nd best plane of the U.S. Navy before the Bearcat. Players should do missions on Ace when unlcoked the final Version.

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