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The Japanese have established a string of formidable bases throughout the Marshall Islands. They have now constructed an airfield at their base on Taroa. The proximity of this airfield poses a serious threat to our carrier fleet.

Our latest scouting mission has revealed construction of two radar towers. These towers are an early warning system to alert them of any approaching aircraft.

Your mission is to help knock out the radar towers and then destroy the remaining air defenses. This must be accomplished before 1400 as we have C47s en-route to land paratroopers to capture the base.

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Primary ObjectivesEdit

  • Fly to Taroa
  • Destroy South radar tower
  • Destroy AA defenses
  • Protect C-47s
  • Intercept Zeros
  • Recover Zero
  • Defeat Kazuya Yamashita
  • Return to carrier
  • Land Zero on carrier

Secondary ObjectivesEdit

  • Destroy grounded bombers


No unlocks


  • This is the first mission that provides the player with wingmen.
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