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Ace dificulty is the hardest dificulty, players will be rewarded whit planes for completing campaigns and all points(excluding secondary objectives points) in a Mission.

The Hardest campaign is Iwo Jima due that you dont have squad on Raise the Flag and the enemy planes are the 3rd version, even the Randy.

The following planes are earned for each campaign.

Wake Island: Sea Spitfire

Marshall Islands: FW-190-A

Coral Sea: Yak-3

Midway: P-47 Thunderbolt

Guadalcanal: Tempest MkII

Gilbert Islands: P-51A Mustang

Marianas: P-61A Black Widow

Philipines: P-80A Shoting Star

Iwo Jima: Top Secret: P215-01

The recommended plane for the ones who are starting to do missions in this dificulty, may be the Hellcat until you get the P-61C Black Widow (upgraded version). Some planes may be truly worth such as the P215-01, P51-D Mustang and FW-190-A. Player need to have knowledge and not frustate to do missions in Ace. The Hellcat, Black Widow and P38 Ligthing are useful on Mission in Ace. Player will lose about half of life in seconds on Philipines and Iwo Jima or get shot down in about 3 minutes.

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