The 13th Squadron is the most Infamous squadron in the pacific, racking up kills whit all his top 5 pilots in the Imperial Japenese Navy. The Members are:

Kazuya Yamashita:

He uses a J2M5 Raiden, special version due that it launches missiles. Has a squadron of 2 Zeros. Objective: Stop the player from taking the Zero.

Kaito Fujiwara:

He uses a 3rd version of the Zero whitout a bomb. Has a squadron of 2 Raidens. Objective: Wanted revenge for Kazuya.

Taiki Hasegawa:

He uses the 2nd version of the Randy has a squadron of 4 tonys. Possition: Command of Gilbert Is.

Ibuki Ishiro:

He uses an stock version of the Frank, has a squadron of 4 randys, not fought. Possition in Squad: 2nd in Command of the Squadron

Shun Ogawa:

He uses a J7W Shinden, he has a squadron of random 3rd version planes, likely more than 20 planes in his side mean while the player has another Bearcat supporting him. Postion in the squad: Leader of the Squadron

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